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On This Day: April 17, 2014

  1586John Ford, English playwright
  1880Leonard Wooley, Archaeologist
  1894Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet leader
  1923Lindsay Anderson, Film director
  1929James Last, Bandleader
  1946Clare Francis, Yachtswoman & novelist
  1951Olivia Hussey, American actress

  1956Premium Bonds were first issued in the UK
  1960American rock star Eddie Cochran died in a car crash while on tour
  1961Rebel forces failed to invade Cuba at the 'Bay of Pigs'
  1969The voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 in the UK
  1969Czechoslovak Communist Party chairman Alexander Dubcek is deposed
  1970The Apollo 13 spacecraft retured to Earth, despite an onboard explosion
  1975The government of Cambodia surrended to the Khmer Rouge
  1983India launched its first satellite
  1986An attempted bomb attack on an El-Al jet at Heathrow airport failed
  1987Civil service centres in Scotland went on strike
  2013Kurdish independent candidate with Austrian citizenship, Dr. Kamal Said Qadir decides to run for the office of Iraqi Kurdistan presidency

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