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Direct Flights from London to Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan-Iraq



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On This Day: April 16, 2014

  1867Wilbur Wright, American aviation pioneer
  1889Charlie Chaplin, Silent film actor & director
  1918Spike Milligan, Comedien, 'Goon' member and author
  1921Peter Ustinov, Actor & novelist
  1922Kingsley Amis, English novelist
  1927Pope Benedict XVI
  1939Dusty Springfield, Singer
  1940Joan Bakewell, Television presenter
  1955Ellen Barkin, American film actress

  1689Francisco de Goya, the famous Spanish artist, died
  1746Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeated at the battle of Culloden
  1850Marie Tussaud, the Swiss born founder of the world famous waxworks, died
  1883Paul Kruger became the new President of South Africa
  1912American pilot Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the Channel
  1917Vladimir Ilyich Lenin returned to Russia Saint Petersburg after years of exile in Finland
  1951The British submarine 'Affray' sank in the Channel, with the loss of 75 lives
  1953The Queen launched the royal yacht 'Britannia'
  1972The American spacecraft Apollo 16, bound for the Moon, was launched
  1981The first American space shutte, Columbia, returned safely to Earth
  1995France Telecom introduces its Wanadoo Internet service
  2014Yezidi Kurds mark the New Year of the Yazidi religion, celebrate in Lalish Temple, the only temple of the Yezidis in Iraqi Kurdistan

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