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Iraq fights to block Kurd oil from entering Texas
An oil tanker off the coast of Texas may struggle to unload controversial cargo destined for an unknown U.S. buyer.
Kurds hope for a brighter future
The trap: Cult thinking and conflict in the Middle East
The notion of 'cult behaviour' can explain the persistent cycle of violence in the Middle East.
Iraq: One month in and no way out?
Militias patrol Iraqi capital's streets and army presence is heavier than normal. But how long can this situation last?
Special project helps Syrians at German school
Special project helps Syrians in German school
Patriarch decries 'mass cleansing' of Mosul by 'a bed of criminals'
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Syriac Patriarch Ignace Joseph III Younan, in Washington to meet with federal government representatives and members of Congress, decried the "mass cleansing" of Christians from Mosul, Iraq, by what he called "a bed of criminals."
Andrés Cala
At the height of the American invasion of Iraq and the sectarian war that it unleashed, the “Kurdish ambassador” in Bahrain argued passionately over coffee with me that an independent Kurdish state was inevitable despite opposition from all its neighbors and world powers.
IS tightens its sectarian rule as Iraq taps new president
Fouad Massoum was elected as Iraq's president while the jihadi group the Islamic State destroyed Christian shrines and imposed Islamic dress on women in the country's north.
Iraq’s ultimate deadlock
Even as the countdown to select a new Iraqi leadership began this week, doubts remained about whether a new government would be able to turn the beleaguered nation away from the abyss which threatens the country’s very existence.



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