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Kurdish protesters claim anti-terror police confiscated their cash
Group was stopped in Dover on their way to demonstration in Paris on first anniversary of deaths of three Kurdish women activists Kurdish protesters detained overnight at Dover on their way to a demonstration in Paris have claimed that their wallets were all but emptied by Metropolitan police officers under controversial anti-terror laws. The mass detention and confiscation of personal cash was ...
All-in-one cop service: kidnap, investigate and shred evidence
A team of the Sweeney— police flying squad officers —came up with a novel way of keeping crime under control in the 1990s. They decided to carry out their own kidnappings.
Presidential guard kills Iraqi reporter
A presidential guard has shot dead a senior Iraqi journalist during an argument in Baghdad.
Çigdem Aslan – review
Vortex, London This Turkish Kurd singer's three-night residency made her sound like one of the year's best new discoveries Just occasionally, a new artist emerges to throw old music styles into an intriguing contemporary perspective. Çigdem Aslan is a young Turkish Kurd who was born in Istanbul, lives in London, and until now has been best known for her work with She'koyokh , the upbeat British ...
Good riddance, Turkish school oath – but reforms don't go far enough | Kaya Genç
The Turkish PM's reform package makes some welcome concessions to Kurds. But Erdogan is no champion of democracy One of the most painful activities of my childhood years in Turkey was taking the student oath every Monday morning and Friday afternoon. Barely awake, in the early hours of the morning or after a long week of studying, I had to proclaim loudly: "I am a Turk, honest, hardworking. My ...
'I saw terrible things in Syria, but the first time I cried was in Lewes prison'
Hundreds fleeing the conflict will soon arrive in the UK but some have been quietly trying to forge new lives here for years The aroma of lamb skewers cooking on the charcoal grill wafts out of the restaurant kitchen. The chef, Roudi Chikho, a Syrian refugee, is in his element as he chops ripe tomatoes and fragrant mint for tabbouleh. In many ways, Chikho is one of the lucky ones. Since being ...
Comox doctor brings Syrian refugee camp plight to Alberni
Comox doctor brings awareness of Syrian refugees’ plight, plea for help to Port Alberni
Yashika Bageerathi's case is important, but let's not forget what asylum means
Individual stories make dramatic headlines, but they should not obscure our duty to protect all those fleeing persecution One of the reasons why the case of 19-year-old Mauritian asylum seeker Yashika Bageerathi has attracted so much media attention is because it has all the ingredients of a Hollywood tale. She is a charming, intelligent and hard-working school student who has secured a clutch ...
Two killed as train comes under fire near Mach - DAWN.COM
QUETTA: An attack on a train near Mach in Bolan district left a policeman and a passenger dead on Monday. Six passengers were injured. The train from Lahore was going to Quetta.
Seeking shelter in Iraqi Kurdistan
Fleeing violence in Anbar province, displaced families face uncertainty and spiraling costs in Iraqi Kurdistan.



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