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 Analysis And Design Of Multistorey Building
 Received from Mr. Dilshad Ismail Amed
  University Projects - Kurdish Students
All Rights reserved.

 Publish in 2009


Analysis And Design Of Multistorey Building
4th year Multistory Project
Prepared By: Dilshad Ismail Ahmad, Trifa Sabr Saeed and Kamaran Abdulla Suleyman
DILSHAD Ismail Ahmad - dilshaaad(at)yahoo.com

All Rights reserved 2007   Download the Analysis And Design Of Multistorey Building in PDF Size 245 KB


Analysis And Design Of Multistorey Building

University of Salahaddin-Hewler, College of Engineering, Department of Civil Eng.

Design of Slab using -
Direct Design Method(DDM)

Design Of Beams

Design of Columns



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