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IKB Travel & Tours Ltd. Youshouldtravel.com
Direct Flights from London to Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan-Iraq

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 How to create Kurdistan Flag Easily

 Make any size flag
  For those who can NOT pass through Turkey with Kurdistan flag


How to create a Kurdistan flag easily
For those who can NOT pass through Turkey with a Kurdistan flag, because it's extremely prohibited in Turkey or have no chance to visit Kurdistan and buy a Kurdistan National Flag, here is the solution for you.

This is the Kurdistan state flag


What you need is a flag of Hungary republic (EU), you can find it in any flag store in Europe.

This is a flag of Hungary Republic

2- Just draw a yellow sun with 21 sunshine lines on the Hungarian flag, or create a sun with 21 sunshine lines from yellow clothing materials and tailor it on the Hungarian flag. That's it !!

3- Your high quality Kurdistan flag is finished
The Kurdish flag flown in Iraqi Kurdistan but unofficially flown by Kurds in Armenia. The flag is banned in Iran, Syria, and Turkey where flying it is a criminal offence

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