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 The Kurdish case in western Kurdistan by KNC and Jawad Mella
 Full book
  What is the real situation of Kurds under the Syrian government. Kurd Net is NOT responsible of the content of the article

Dr.Jawad Mella
الاستاذ جواد ملا

 القضية الكردية في غربي كردستان
كردستان سورية
اعداد وتقديم جمعية غربي كردستان والمؤتمر الوطني الكردستاني 
Complete documentation about the Kurds and west Kurdistan, the discrimination and the troche of Kurdish people living in Syria under the Syrian Bath regime.


المقدمة 3
رسالة مفتوحة 5
ملحق رقم 1 \ التعميم 26
ملحق رقم 2 \ اسماء القرى والمستعمرات 30
ملحق رقم 3 \ شهادة ولادة 40

ملحق رقم 4 \ مذكرة بشار الاسد 41
ملحق الصور والخارطة 46

Download the Book click here
in MS Word XP/2002 - Self extract file 2.8 MB


Kurds ID in Syria ( treated as foreigners ) have a look on the ID
They have no rights at all

On 23/1/2004 the Kurdish political forces in Western Kurdistan that is attached forcefully to the Syrian state held a meeting in London.

The Kurdistan National Congress Meeting 23.1.2004 in Kurdish and Arabic


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