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 Iraq: Call to expose Newroztel corruption contracts, company 

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Iraq: Call to expose Newroztel corruption contracts, company  5.9.2012  


September 5, 2012

BAGHDAD/ERBIL,—  Newroztel Company threatened to suit anyone who tries to defame it is reputation, calling to expose any corruption in it is contract with the ministry of communications connected with internet cable.

In a statement, copy received by Aswat al-Iraq, the company added it "will not keep silent on such charges", calling some MPs to expose their proofs of corruption in the contract signed with the communications ministry, otherwise, it will pursue them legally as well as by the media.

A number of State of Law bloc held Monday a press conference, who stated that this project will make Iraq occupy a strategic position between east side of earth and Europe and America,www.ekurd.net as well as it is economic gains, while others warned against stealing Iraqi information.

Internet Cable through Iraq new international spy

Ahrar bloc MP Mohammed Redha al-Khafaji said Friday that the passage of the internet cable coming from Europe to Iraq is "an international spy that will violate Iraqi security."


In a statement on August 31, he added that the contract signed by the Ministry of Communications with Newroztel, upon the approval of Iraqi national internet company, will result in Iraq being the country the cable passes through, and not Iran, due to US rejection of it is passing through Iran.

He pointed out that Premier Nouri al-Maliki cancelled this contract.

US intelligence reports disclosed fears that Iran has some sophisticated systems that can penetrate the cable system, thus bugging the telephone calls and electronic letters; as a result they suggested it should pass through Iraq.

"Though it has economic gains as a transit country, but has, also, security apprehensions", he warned.

He described the cable as "the new international spy that can control all phone calls and electronic letter of the country."

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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