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 Kurds will hoist Kurdistan flag in liberated Kurdish region of Syria: Leader

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Kurds will hoist Kurdistan flag in liberated Kurdish region of Syria: Leader  24.7.2012  

Shalal Gado, the politburo member of the Kurdish Leftist Party of Syria. Photo: Ekurd.net/Aknews.com  • See Related Links 
July 24, 2012

QAMISHLI, Syrian Kurdistan,— Kurdish citizens of Syria are free to host Kurdistan flag in any liberated areas despite the objection by the Syrian National Council (SNC), said a Kurdish political leader.

Recently Kurdish opposition fighters claimed the control of some mainly Kurdish cities and raised Kurdish flags over the freed areas.

Kurdish chairman of SNC, Abdul-Baset Sayda, said Monday only the flag of independent Syria should be raised in the liberated zones.

In response, Shalal Gado, a member of the Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNCS) said so far there is no agreement between the SNC and KNCS over hosting a single flag.

Gado added when an area is liberated, the KNCS and the Kurdish protesters across Syria will hoist Kurdish flag over the government agencies and public offices.

Gado said "this is their natural right; Kurds in Kurdistan of Syria are a major nation…3.5million people.

"Kurds in Syria are free [to hoist Kurdistan flag] and what SNC says is its own opinion."

The Kurdish leader said currently the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is engaged in war in "both capitals"; Damascus and Aleppo; but it's withdrawing.

Gado said "this is a military war… regime's weaponry are all heavy as cannons,www.ekurd.net aircrafts and tanks and it is more powerful than FSA.

"Nevertheless, the regime is on the verge of collapse…

"Now protest is all over Syria…Regime fall is close…it is just a matter of time and no more because there is a public consensus over regime collapse."

Kurds demand decentralism in Syria

It is early for talks over autonomy for Kurds in Syria but the Kurdish population in the country demands a decentralized polity, said a Kurdish political leader.

"The experience of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and ruling of Kurds in their region has been successful," said Saad Mala, a member of the foreign relations committee of the Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNCS).

Mala added Kurds of Syria demand the same decentralized polity of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region for ruling their own region in Syria.

He continued "decentralism is the best system of rule for the sectarian and ethnic components of Syria…it also prevents unilateralism and dictatorship."

As for training Kurdish fighters from Syria in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Mala said the Kurdish political parties of Syria supports the training in the interest of protecting the Kurdistan of Syria.

"But so far these forces have not been exploited," the leader said.

Speaking to al-Jazeera net, Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani said that there is a training base for the Kurdish fighters from Syria. He added the fighters are trained to protect Kurdish areas in Syria.

By Rebin Hassan & Lina Siyawash- AK news

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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