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 Kurdish PYD party agrees on transitional government in Syria

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Kurdish PYD party agrees on transitional government in Syria  4.7.2012  

Salih Muslum Muhammed, leader of the biggest Kurdish party in the Syria, the Democratic Union Party (PYD).
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PYD Leader Saleh Mohammad evaluated Action Group on Syria meetings in Geneva and Cairo

July 4, 2012

BEIRUT, — Speaking to Ronahi TV to evaluate the Geneva and Cairo meetings on Syria, Democratic Union Party (PYD) Leader Saleh Mohammad said that the Action Group supported the “transitional government” decision made in the Geneva meeting last week. Muslim noted that giving support to the establishment of a transitional government in Syria means giving support to the will of the people as this structure will consist of all social circles in the society.

The action group conference in Geneva on 30 June was attended by UN Security Council’s permanent members England, USA, Russia, China and France as well as Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar state’s ministers of foreign affairs, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and UN Secretary General. The meeting ended up in an international agreement on the establishment of a transitional government in Syria. The decision of the Action Group on Syria is also being discussed at today’s meeting in Egypt’s capital city Cairo.

In his statement to Ronahi TV on Tuesday, the meeting attendee PYD Leader Saleh Mohammad remarked that his party supports the Geneva meeting’s decisions which were agreed on by UN Security Council’s five permanent members as well as five other determinant powers.

Mohammad reminded of their earlier proposal for the establishment of a joint government with the participation of all circles in Syria and added that; “We Kurds will also take part in this government because the Kurdish opposition has already taken its place within the general opposition in Syria. As the People’s Assembly and Syrian National Kurdish Council (ENSK),www.ekurd.net we stay informed about the situation of one another.”

What we want is a unity among the opponents, underlined Mohammad and remarked that there is a need to establish a joint committee to represent all political circles in Syria.

PYD Leader added that today’s meeting in Cairo addresses the subjects of regime change, establishment of a new democratic republic and the opposition’s role in the new government.

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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