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 Declaration of Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) about the Reporters Without Borders report

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Declaration of Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) about the Reporters Without Borders report  25.6.2012  

June 25, 2012

We were surprised by a statement bearing the name of organisation Reporters Without Borders, Accusing our party the Democratic Union Party of threatening a Kurdish journalist, who is claiming that he is against the Syrian regime. We would like in this statement to announce to the public that we have never and will not threaten anyone because of his opinion and attitudes, as we stand solid in the face of violence and the policy of threat and intimidation, whether it is physically or verbally, and We believe in constructive dialogue approach as the only way for the convergence of political views.

According to the testimony and reports of international human rights organizations and the Syrian ones, Our Party The Democratic Union Party is bearing witness of the most political parties that are vulnerable to harassment, persecution and repression since its formation in 2003 until this moment, including the martyrdom under torture,www.ekurd.net the number of our prisoners at the start of the Syrian Revolution was more then 1550 detainees, the reason for their detention was the resistant to the dictatorship totalitarian regime. Today we take our place in the ranks of the noble national opposition, and we continue our resistance movement within the public and can not stand by repressive authoritarian regime.

Based on the above, the report stated that our party favours the repressive regime in Damascus . It is nonsense and has no connection with the truth whatsoever and reflects nothing of the reality. The false allegations about the threat are totally different in reality and it has never happened at all, and we consider that it does not exceed malicious rumours to smear our party’s reputation and to divide the Kurdish unity that we are strenuous in our efforts to unite. As it is clear and we know the parties that are broadcasting and fabricating this propaganda.

Therefore we, in the Democratic Union Party strongly deny what has copied and published from some unreliable sources quoting Reporters Without Borders published about a person threatened in name of (Bradost Azizi) and we call on them to verify the facts before publication, and especially as there are people who want fame at any cost and would not hesitate in order to achieve this to follow any path. We declare our rejection of any threat from any party whatsoever, and we condemn this method in political action, and call the concerned authorities to conduct an impartial investigation to uncover the truth and publish it for public opinion.

The Executive Committee of Democratic Union Party (PYD)

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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