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 Iranian Kurdish political activist dies in jail, after 21 years in prison 

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Iranian Kurdish political activist dies in jail, after 21 years in prison  7.6.2012   

Photo UKS
June 7, 2012

ORUMIYEH, Iranian Kurdistan, — According to human rights and democracy activists in Iran, “Mohammad Mehdi Zalyeh” a Kurdish political prisoner died after endured 21 years of imprisonment in Karaj Gohardasht prison.

The human rights and democracy activists have been reported, This Kurdish prisoner after 21 years of imprisonment in Orumiyeh and Karaj Gohardasht prisons due to acute illness and been prevented him from receiving treatment by prison officials, lost their lives.

This Kurdish political prisoner was held in hall 12, section 4 of Gohardasht prison.

The HRANA association had earlier reported that the Mehdi Zalyeh is 18 years in prison.

In the continuous report by HRANA written that in the past the treatment of this Kurdish political prisoner was denied by the Ministry of Intelligence officials but in the last day before his death when his health has deteriorated to overall they took him to a outside prison hospital but no avail.

Human rights activists in Iran argue that Iranian intelligence agents and security centres for torture of political prisoners, to prevent the inhumane treatment of prisoners as a way to exercise.

According to HRANA report, Mehdi Zalyeh a Kurdish political prisoner and the Iran-Iraq war chemical injury, was in custody for 18 years in Orumiyeh and Karaj Rajai Shahar prisons,www.ekurd.net a few days ago due to lung disease was transferred to Karaj Rajai hospital for treatment.

Mohammad Mehdi Zalyeh several times had requested to leave for treatment of illness from Official prison but his requests had been rejected from authorities.

This problem is remains in the past years and now for many of political prisoners in Iran and the most notably is Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand that has several diseases but no action has been taken to treat him.

Referring to the Krdpa Central Statistics Agency news, since the beginning of this year, four prisoners in the Islamic government of Iran prisons have lost their lives due to various reasons, which their names are as follows:

-Mohsen Ghazizadeh from Jvanrood city, on April 13, in Kermanshah, Iranian Kurdistan, Diesel Abad prison.

- Shirzad Khezri, a political prisoner, from Bokan city, Iranian Kurdistan, on April 24, in Salmas prison.

- Saman Amini, a political prisoner, from Sanandaj city, Iranian Kurdistan, on May 9, in Central Sanandaj prison.

- Mohammad Mehdi Zalyeh, a political prisoner, on June 4, in Karaj Gohardasht prison

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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