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 National Syrian Kurdish Council: We wanted more deterrents against the Syrian regime

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National Syrian Kurdish Council: We wanted more deterrents against the Syrian regime  1.3.2012  

A portrait of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad defaced with red paint is sown during an anti-government demonstration in the outskirts of Idlib, northern Syria, Sunday Feb. 26, 2012  Photo: AP See Related Links
March 1, 2012

ERBIL-Hewlęr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — The decision of EU foreign ministers to tighten the sanctions on Syria was "good" but harsher action should have been taken against the Syrian regime, said an official of the National Syrian Kurdish Council in Sweden.

Member of the council Saad al-Mulla said the economic and military sanctions imposed on the Syrian regime may put pressure on the regime in the long term. He added that the sanctions are not however an obstacle in the short term because of the economic, military, and political support the regime receives from its home country and Iran.

Foreign ministers decided on Tuesday to freeze the assets of the Syrian central bank and prohibit Syrian cargo flights from the EU. They also decided to ban the purchase of gold, precious metals and diamonds from the country, in addition to freezing the assets of seven Syrian cabinet members close to President Bashar al-Assad.

Commenting on the decision of the EU ministers, Sweden's Foreign Minister Carl Bildt expressed his belief that sanctions alone will not stop the killings in Syria but will put pressure on the regime.

Saad al-Mulla continued to say that the council supports all decisions that provide protection to civilians and put an end to the the crimes committed against them.

Asked whether he expects Syria to go through the same course of history as Iraq, which culminated in the invasion of coalition forces in 2003,www.ekurd.net Mulla said: "We hope that the Iraqi experience will not be repeated in Syria and the decisions and actions taken against the Syrian regime will be quick and close.

"The Syrian Kurdish Council seeks to achieve true democracy, which means that all Syrian components get equal rights in a united state in addition to the application of political decentralization in Syria," he added.

With regard to the possible establishment of an autonomous region similar to Iraqi Kurdistan, Mulla commented: "Yes, we hope to establish a federal state... The Kurdish area in Syria is inhabited by Kurds, Arabs and Christians."

He did not deny his wish to integrate the Kurdish areas in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran to form a common market with all four complementing each other economically, politically, socially and culturally.

By Lina Sayawish

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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