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 Her Majesty E-Petition urging British Government to recognise Anfal as Genocide is handed to KRG London Office 

  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


Her Majesty E-Petition urging British Government to recognise Anfal as Genocide...  ‎ 1.3.2012 
By Laween Atroshi - ekurd.net

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Laween Atroshi, UK Health Informatician & Ambassador For Peace (UPF) -
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March 1, 2012

The Kurdish population has suffered immensely under regimes of an acidic nature. Indeed, thousands of families and children were murdered with villages destroyed at an attempt to ethically cleanse the Kurdish population. Sadly, such actions led to the Anfal Campaign launched by the central government in Baghdad against the Kurdish Population of northern Iraq. As quoted by the BBC (Article: Anfal: Campaign against the Kurds ‘’Iraq became the first government to use chemical weapons against its own people’. The Kurdish population and question is not only limited to Iraq as it is within Turkey, Syria and Iran as well with many victims suffering in the different regimes.

In an attempt to internationalise the Anfal as Genocide, I launched an e-petition on Her Majesty Website under the Department of Foreign and Commonwealth Office urging the British Government to recognise the Anfal as genocide. If 100,000 people sign the petition it could lead to a parliamentary debate and the UK accepting that Anfal was genocide which could prevent such acidic events happening again in history. It will also be a respective measure for the victims of the genocide and to remember the innocent lives that were lost.

In order to achieve the goal of obtaining 100,000 signatures the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG London office proposed to take over the e-petition and improvising the material to target not only the Kurdish community but other organisations which have a heart-felt affiliation with the pain that has been suffered by the Kurdish Community. Given the promise of having a coordinated campaign to promote the cause and campaign I feel it is in the interest of the Kurdish Community and victims for the KRG office alongside the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdish Cause to develop and improvise the current petition that I founded so I will be withdrawing and transferring the e-petition.

Indeed, I feel every Kurd not only has an ambassadorial duty to promote and strengthen the Kurdish heritage and cause but a social and moral responsibility ensuring the responsible figures are accountable for the actions and that such activities continue to aid the development and growth of Kurdistan.

Laween Atroshi, UK Health Informatician & Ambassador For Peace (UPF). Laween Atroshi is not affiliated with any political party or organisations. Views and opinions are solely his own and do not reflect any organisation whom he has a direct or indirect affiliation with, either through employment or honorary.

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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