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 Kurdish National Congress of North America KNC-NA statement on Iran-PJAK War 

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Kurdish National Congress of North America KNC-NA statement on Iran-PJAK War  28.7.2011    

July 28, 2011

Kurdish National Congress of North America is extremely concerned about escalation of violence between the Islamic regime of Iran and Party of Life and Freedom (PJAK).

Recently Iran has expanded its destructive and violent occupation policy of Kurdistan in the East to West to include the territory of Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq in the latest escalation of the bloodshed. The excuse for this military action is to stop the "Armed Resistance and guerilla activities" of Party of Life and Freedom, PJAK. Iran calls PJAK a terrorist group and PJAK along with many organizations and states brand Iran a terrorist state.

To our knowledge PJAK has not, threatened or carried out any violent attacks against any Iranian civilians, nor has it force outside of the Kurdish territories.           
Its armed resistance is only in Kurdish territory to defend themselves from the brutality of Iranian military. In contrast with PJAK, the Iranian religious terror squads have been terrorizing, arresting, and assassinating the Kurdish people in their own ancestral homeland for more than three decades. Both sides claim they have killed large numbers of the enemy in the recent escalation of violence.

Violence and disregard for human life and suffering only results in a lose-lose situation for all in this political game; the real losers are those with the least amount of power,www.ekurd.netessentially the civilian Kurdish population who is helpless in defending itself against a state with large military resources who has much at its disposal and a state media which can and is distorting and spreading the "Untruth".

We urge PJAK not to fall for the manipulative policy of the Islamic Republic. The Kurdish guerrilla forces should try to avoid violence at any cost and consider the soldiers of their enemies as misguided souls who need guidance to understand the Kurdish cause.

We do not see the Islamic Republic a reliable party in this conflict which would abide by any standard or international human rights protocol let alone to address or behave humanely. The regime has proven over and over again that it does not want to resolve the conflicts but always resorts to manipulation, threat, and killing and all form of oppression. Repeatedly it has carried out its violent behavior and its demeanor has not changed in the past 3 decades but rather gotten worst not only against the Kurds but also against its own people.

We urge the international communities and their leaders to pressure Iran to stop its terrorist policy, withdraw from Kurdistan, and let the people determine their destiny. 

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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