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 Kurdish ruling parties have frankly declared that they have no proposals for reforms in Kurdistan: Dr. Shaho Saeed 

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Kurdish ruling parties have frankly declared that they have no proposals for reforms in Kurdistan: Dr. Shaho Saeed   22.2.2011  
Translated from Sbeiy.Com website

The ruling parties of the region have frankly declared that they have no proposals for reforms in Kurdistan, Dr. Shaho Saeed says

February 22, 2011

SULAIMANIYAH, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — Representatives of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Kurdistan Democratic Party, Gorran (Change) Movement, Kurdistan Islamic Union and Kurdistan Islamic Assembly gathered at the Government Council headquarters to discuss the situation in Kurdistan Region and in particular the recent developments in Sulaimaniyah. Afterward the Prime Minister, Dr. Barham Salih, in a press conference announced that the meeting was a good start for a national dialogue. He also added that Gorran Movement insisted on their 7 demands as declared in their statement of 29th January.

Dr. Shaho Saeed, member of Kurdistan Parliament and one of the delegates representing Gorran Movement stated that “Gorran Movement have never shrink from the principal of dialogue.                  

Dr Shaho Saeed, member of Kurdistan Parliament and one of the delegates representing Gorran Movement
Accordingly, we took part in this meeting, the discussions in which centred around two main themes. The first theme was concerning the wave of protests that have engulfed wide areas of Kurdistan region. The second theme was concerning the political crises that underlined the wave of protests.”

He added that “We in Gorran believe that the events are the consequences, the cause of it is the chronic crisis that has been festering for years, despite of our repeated warning and submitting several proposals to address the crisis, including the radical proposals that we submitted in August last year to reform the political system of government in Kurdistan region, which echoed the election manifesto upon which Gorran Movement fought the Parliamentary elections of 25th July 2009.”

Dr. Saeed insisted that “We have said over and over that the government should address the needs of the public before those of the political parties. It is very important that they listen to the concerns of the people before they do to those of the political parties. We, in Gorran Movement, made it clear that our demands are not Gorran’s demands but are the people’s demands. We believe that the government should listen to these demands along with the demands of the individual political parties. And from this point of concern we reiterated our 7 demands and explained that this government of Kurdistan Region, which we believe have failed, should resign and to be replaced be a transitional provisional government that can pave the way for a genuine election free from falsifications. We also insisted the provisional government should be given the mandate during its’ 3 months tenure to reorganise the armed forces such as the Asayish (Security Forces), Police, Peshmerga (Kurdistan Army) Zanyary (PUK’s Intelligent Services) and Parastin (KDP Intelligent Services) and render it National Forces as appose to partisan organisations. We believe that the reorganisation, renationalisation and professionalization of these forces would be achieved through two formulae; the first formula is to change the function of these forces from the function of defending the interest of the political party to the defence of the security of the homeland and the people of Kurdistan. The second formula is to replace the directors and executive layer of these forces with independent, professional and qualified individual and not appointees of political parties. If the transition al government is able to achieve that then it will be able to oversee the running of a bona-fide election.”

He also added “We also argued at the meeting that we should reach an agreement in the immediate future to redraft the constitution of Kurdistan Region within a given time frame and amend those laws that have secured the majority threshold in the Parliament but still exert adverse effect on the political system. We also renewed our demand for the restoration of the ownership of all of the public and private properties that have either been arrogated by the political parties or by individual associated with these parties, or been appropriated in return to very low prices.”

Dr. Saeed explained, in connection to the possibility of emergence at the meeting of an accord and a common understanding that merit further discussions that “in fact there was some form of understanding began to emerge when we argued that the events are only consequences and we should tackle the causes that underpins this crisis that persisted in Kurdistan. If we eradicated corruption then people’s protest against it would dissipate. But we noticed that the other parties,
www.ekurd.netespecially the two ruling parties, were more concern with containing the current situation. But we pointed out that we have come to attend a political meeting that is searching for political solutions and not a security assemblage. None of us in this meeting is a security officer or an army general to discuss these matters. We are politicians representing political parties and we ought to discuss political agreements. The security matters are primarily the concern of the government and the ruling parties who are responsible for the safety of the protestors and to listen to their demands.

In reply to the enquiry whether if they have agreed upon further meeting of this kind, Dr. Saeed insisted that” “We have not agreed on any meeting such as the one we had today. We asked them that, just as we in Gorran Movement have our proposals to resolve the crisis, they as political parties should also submit their own proposed agenda. But they have frankly stated that they have no proposals for reforms in Kurdistan. The Prime Minister even elaborated that probably no serious efforts for reforms would be made in Kurdistan Region in the next 6-12 months.”

Translated from www.Sbeiy.Com website

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