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 Barzani's KDP urges Kurdistan Islamic Union KIU end media war

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Barzani's KDP urges Kurdistan Islamic Union KIU end media war ‎ 6.12.2011 

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December 6, 2011

ERBIL-Hewlr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP led by Iraqi Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani, expects the Kurdistan Islamic Union KIU end the media war it has instigated against KDP, a statement said.

Tensions between the KDP (a ruling party in Kurdistan) and the KIU in the opposition broke out Friday when 30 liquor shops, four massage centers and four hotels in Zakho (Duhok governorate) as well as five officers of the Islamic party were set alight.

On Friday crowds of rioters attacked the shops, hotels and centers, owned mainly by Christians, following the advice of a preacher who KDP thought to be a KIU supporter and instigator of the riot.      
The anti-rioters in retaliations burnt down the offices of KIU. Soon Salahaddin Mohammed Bahaddin, head of KIU, claimed that the cleric was "a KDP man".

A statement issued by the KDP Cultural and Media Foundation read that KDP expects KIU "to restore its sense of political responsibility for the entire achievements of Kurdistan and a freedom and democracy, which has been created by blood of thousands of martyrs and struggle of Kurdistan public, and which everyone enjoys."

KPD politburo issued a statement earlier demanding KIU to apologize for accusing KPD and to end the media war against KDP soon.

The statement by KPD Cultural and Media Foundation said since the unrest swept through Duhok the "extremism of the KIU media is mounting and takes a role which is quite different from the party's claims for a moderate reform which KIU also identifies itself with."

The statement added in the past few days "despite the fact that we could, with evidence, lead our media in the same direction against KIU,www.ekurd.net but we complied with the essence of the statements by president of the region and out politburo."

Soon after the riots KDP leader, Mr. Barzani issued a statement, urging the parties and the public to protect the coexistence and religious tolerance in Kurdistan. He also met with the public of Zakho. The riots seem to have been over.

By Karzan Kanabi

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Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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