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 Beware of Iran's sabotage efforts!

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Beware of Iran's sabotage efforts!  4.12.2011  
By ekurd.net Editor

December 4, 2011

ERBIL-Hewlęr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — According to the official website of Kurdistan Islamic Union (kurdiu.org), a delegation dispatched from consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran in Erbil-Kurdistan, convened an immediate meeting with members of KIU political Politburo to discuss the ongoing developments in the wake of the unfortunate incidence that earlier today took place in city of Zakho.

After a Friday sermon, a small swarm of prayers went amok and set a number of shops and buildings on fire, apparently objecting to sale of alcoholic beverages in public places.                
In retrospect, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) responded back violently by setting alight two of KIU branches in Zakho and Erbil.

The Iranian delegation relayed messages of sympathy and compunction" on behalf of the regime to the people of Kurdistan. Under the cloak of empathy and benevolent aid, Iran seeks to broaden its role and clout into our internal affairs.

Kurds must beware of the evil conspiracies and hidden agendas of neighboring countries. Iran's intention is to seize the prospect and further inflame sectarian and religious sentiments among Kurds to its own advantage.

Iran has created, espoused and dismantled many terrorist extremists groups in Iraq in the past. Iran is the state sponsor of international terrorism.

KIU should try to settle its discrepancies with Kurdish Regional Government KRG through negotiations. Any expansion of ties or reliance on backing of foreign regimes to mediate will further undermine our national cohesion.

Reference: http://www.kurdiu.org/hawal/index.php?pageid=91331
ئێواره‌ى ئه‌مرۆ وه‌فدێكى كونسولخانه‌ى كۆمارى ئیسلامى ئێران سه‌ردانى مه‌كته‌بى سیاسى یه‌كگرتووى كرد

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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