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 A Revolution Till Final Victory

  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


Dictator Massoud Barzani must go! ‎ 4.12.2011 
By Shiakh Mohammad Yasin, a scholar in Al-Azhar University - Ekurd.net

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December 4, 2011

What is happening in Zakho today and what has been happening in Kurdistan in general during the past two decades is in need of no depiction or elaboration.

Patriotic Kurds swarming the streets of Zakho and championing national independence, democracy, human rights and values that look to the future and not to the past have been and are being vehemently massacred from the stage by force by the warlord-mafia regime of Barzani.

It has become evident to all of us by now that the root cause of the ongoing tragedies and miseries in Kurdistan lays in the horrific rule of the Barzani family warlords. Billions of dollars of foreign aid and public resources have been and are being ransacked by the two ruling parties in partnership with their masters.           

Massoud Barzani, Kurdistan region president
Unemployment, poverty and homelessness is on the rise in Kurdistan. A few hotels, shopping malls and projects in a country with the lowest rate of income per capita in the world doesn't mean development but it rather exposes the miserable life condition of majority of our nation. The compromising government has failed to address the plague of corruption. They are powerless to even solve smallest of public issues. Public continues to suffer from lack of basic life services in most parts of the country.

Kurds were the leaders of Islamic World for centuries against tyranny and oppression. Kurdistan is on the verge of social corruption. The western-backed PUK and KDP are trying to gradually destroy Islamic values and reinstate them with void western believes to merely please their foreign masters and prolong their tyrannical imposed rule. The country is in chaos. Unless and until these leeches are dethroned completely, any outcry or efforts for peace and democracy will yield nothing but bitter disappointment and further exasperation.

The west is no friend of the people of Kurdistan, primarily because during the past two decades they did not spare any effort to fund and arm the most treacherous, the most misogynic and anti-democratic indigenous Barzani gangs to use violence and force against peaceful protesters.

Kurds in Zakho staged peaceful protests marches but they became the usual target of Government indiscriminate crackdown and beatings. While the ruling regime divests the demonstrators of their most legitimate right to assemble and express their opposition s through peaceful means,
www.ekurd.net it also severely deals with those daring to critique the officials in the public or press.

It is time for fellow-Kurdish-Muslims to resist and fight against the most tyrannical and most obscurantist fundamentalist forces in Kurdistan, who have occupied, monopolized and destroyed Kurdish nation.

Let's rise united and resolute for liberation and against the feudalist and dictatorial rule of Bena Mala!

The author is a scholar in Al-Azhar University.

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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