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 Anti-KRG protests in Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan

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Anti-KRG protests in Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan  3.12.2011  
By Association of Kurdish Muslim scholars - ekurd.net

December 3, 2011

ZAKHO, Kurdistan region 'Iraq',

Association of Kurdish Muslim scholars

In the Name of God. The Most Compassionate and Merciful

Today we witnessed a protest rally orchestrated by a group of courageous Kurdish youths in the city of Zakho, Kurdistan, North of Iraq, which culminated in more than 47 fellow-citizens being injured. Some of victims have been hospitalized and reportedly are in life threatening situation. The demonstrators were peaceful and only went on rampage when Kurdish security forces used tear gas and indiscriminately opened fire on them in order to suppress their voices.

We had sought prior permission to hold the demonstration from concerned authorities. We had earlier stated and submitted our demands to Kurdistan Regional Parliament and his Excellency President Massoud Barzani.

We have overtly called on Kurdistan Regional Government to put a ban on sale of alcoholic beverages and its illegal consumption in our religious institutions.           

Zakho city, Iraqi Kurdistan region. Photo: FO
Our universities have been turned into fornication houses. Our children are indoctrinated unislamic, unethical, pro-western values at schools. Our youths are being led astray and menaced by the influence of western expansionist culture. In the name of pioneering democracy and intellectualism,www.ekurd.net the puppet ruling regime has dragged the society toward degeneration and is encouraging the removal of religious clothing. The incumbent regime continues to increase its direct interference into religious affairs. They appoint Immams in masques and dictate them what to proselytize. They strive to constrain and enfeeble the role of Islam in Kurdish society.

We staged today's protest rally to relay our concerns and demands. We urge a pressing end to all ongoing social, political and economic injustices.

Malla Khalid
Association of Kurdish Muslim scholars
Zakho Mosque- Kurdistan.

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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