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 Iran: Wife of Kurdish journalist Hiwa Botimar on death-row speaks 

 Source : AKI
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Iran: Wife of Kurdish journalist Hiwa Botimar on death-row speaks  26.7.2007

July 26, 2007

Mariwan, Iranian Kurdistan, -- The wife of Hiwa Boutimarthe, a dissident Kurdish journalist sentenced to death in Iran, has pleaded for her husband's life saying the court's ruling was "an error".

Hiro, 19, spoke to AKI by phone from Mariwan, a city in Iran's Kurdistan region.

"I want to believe that the judge has made an error since in the death sentence Hiwa is described as being single when in fact we got married three years ago", Hiro said.

Hiro, a university mathematics student, described the sentence as "against every humane principle" and as having "trampled on the penal code of the Islamic Republic". 

Kurdish journalists Adnan Hassanpur (L) and Hiwa Botimar sentenced to death by the Iranian Islamic regime

She said she last saw her husband when she visited him in a Mariwan prison some 10 days ago. At that stage the death sentence had not yet been delivered.

Hiro, said that like her husband, she was proud of her Kurdish heritage.

"Kurdistan has for centuries suffered central government injustice and repression. Every family here has at least one member who was shot for no reason other than being proud of belonging to the Kurdish ethnicity".

She said she hoped the international community would intervene to save her husband's life.

“Free men cannot accept that in the 21st Century intellectuals and journalists are hanged for speaking about freedom or asking for democracy", she said.

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** Iranian Kurdistan (Kurdish: Kurdistana Îranę or Kurdistana Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) or Rojhilatę Kurdistan (East of Kurdistan)) is an unofficial name for the parts of Iran inhabited by Kurds and has borders with Iraq and Turkey. It includes the greater parts of West Azerbaijan province, Kurdistan Province, Kermanshah Province, and Ilam Province. Kurds form the majority of the population of this region with an estimated population of 4 million. The region is the eastern part of the greater cultural-geographical area called Kurdistan.
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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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