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 Awene: Independent Kurdish weekly mirrors life in Kurdistan, Sulaimaniyah

 Source : Kurdish Media
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Awene: Independent Kurdish weekly mirrors life in Kurdistan, Sulaimaniyah 7.1.2006


Asos Herdi the editor-in-chief of Awene newspaper and former editor-in-chief of Hawlati
Sulaimaniyah (Kurdistan-Iraq), 6 Jan: Awene, or The Mirror, is a new Kurdish weekly published in the city of Sulaimaniyah in southern Kurdistan. It is 20-page covers wide-range aspects of Kurdish life and international issues.

“We would like to be an independent newspaper that is a source of neutral news and exchange of different opinions. Awene shall mirrors facts,” Asos Herdi the editor-in-chief of Awene told KurdishMedia.com from his headquarters in Sulaimaniyah.

“We have a four-year-plan. In the first six months, Awene would be a weekly paper. After that we plan to produce it twice a week, and perhaps we make it a daily paper afterward,” Herdi added.

Herdi is the former editor-in-chief of Hawlati, who with most of his team recently resigned from Hawlati. KurdishMedia.com asked him about his opinion about Hawlati. “I would like Hawlati to stay strong and get stronger, even after we left. For Awene to be a good paper, we need a strong competitor,” Herdi replied.

“How do you use your Hawlati experience?” KurdishMedia.com asked. “The team has several valuable years of experience in Hawlati. We can use this in a number of ways starting form marketing and distribution to shaping and production of our paper. We would be transparent to ourselves and to our readers, and we work as a strong team. The paper shall be financed as a share-holding company. So that one person – the owner of the paper – cannot have full control for simply financing the paper,” Herdi replied.

Most of the Hawlati’s staff resigned recently due to some internal issues in running the paper. Now they have established a new Kurdish weekly, called Awene, which is produced every Tuesday from Sulaimaniyah. The first issue produced last Tuesday has been given away as a gift to their readers. Weekly Awene costs 750 Iraqi Dinar, which is equivalent to nearly 50 US cent.

Hawlati is the closest that one can get to independent paper in Kurdistan. Now it has a competitor. The readers shall decide soon which one is more popular.

Awene will soon be online at: www.awene.com. Hawlati is already online, but going through some changes at: www.hawlati.com



  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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