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 Flights to Kurdistan

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 Erbil International Airport (EIA) - Direct flights to Kurdistan region

 Source :  KRG
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Erbil International Airport (EIA) - Direct flights to Kurdistan region 27.10.2005


Erbil International Airport (EIA) continues under rapid development as more flights and services are being added. The situation is constantly changing.

EIA facilities are being expanded and more staff are being trained. The current airport is an interim full-service facility which meets required technical standards and is internationally certified.

The International Landing Certificate (ILC) was received in July. Another separate, larger, and more modern airport with longer runway and the latest in facilities and services capable of handling much heavier passenger and cargo loads is under construction.

Some information is available on the EIA website at http://www.hawlerairport.org  (The website is in the process of being upgraded and updated.)

1. Kurdistan Airlines offers direct flights Erbil-Frankfurt and Erbil-Dubai twice per week.

Erbil International Airport (EIA)
Kurdistan (Iraq)

In Erbil, contact the Kurdistan Airlines office +32.44.445.2614, +32.48.445.5255, 0.770.226.5050 and 0.770.226.5051 (in-country landlines)

In Frankfurt, call +49.171.930.4126 and speak with Ms. Balsam, or try +49.696.809.1768.

In Dubai, call Dinata (GSA-General Sales Agent) +971.4.316.6844 (Kurdistan Airlines desk), +971.4.316.6748 (general sales), also +971.4.262.2250.

2. Sawan (an agent) is just beginning to offer direct flights Erbil-Athens-London, Erbil-Athens-Stockholm, Erbil-Athens-Oslo, 3 flights per week.

The first flight from London was to arrive yesterday, Wednesday 26 October.

In Erbil, call 066.253.0830 or 0750.449.5555.

In London, call +44.706.993.0830 or +44.788.883.2714.

In Copenhagen, call +45.2.420.8709.

In Stockholm, call+46.770.750.6306.

3. Iraqi Airways is offering direct flights Erbil-Amman twice a week, to Cairo via Baghdad, and to Istanbul via Baghdad.

4. Flying Carpet Airlines offers direct flights Erbil-Beirut.

5. Royal Jordanian Airlines is anticipated to start direct Erbil-Amman flights in November, hopefully to connect with non-stop flights to Europe and North America.

6. Austrian Airlines offering direct Erbil-Vienna flights is under development.



  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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