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 We'll move heaven and earth for Naseh Ghafor

 Source : http://www.sheffieldtoday.net
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'We'll move heaven and earth for Naseh Ghafor' 16.8.2004
A PACKED public meeting heard a heartfelt plea to save Naseh Ghafor, the young Kurdish man who has been on hunger strike for 39 days.

A PACKED public meeting heard a heartfelt plea to save Naseh Ghafor, the young Kurdish man who has been on hunger strike for 39 days.

Burngreave resident Jean Wood told around 100 people at the meeting at the Verdon Street Recreation Centre in Burngreave she would move "heaven and earth" to save him.
Jean has been helping to keep a round-the-clock vigil for Naseh, a 20-year-old Kurd from Northern Iraq who has stitched together his lips and refused food and medical attention, in protest at a Home Office threat to send him back to Iraq.
Her vow came ahead of a series of last ditch protests planned to publicise his plight.
A picket was being held today outside the Home Office's Immigration and Nationality Directorate on Charter Row. It will be followed by a vigil at Ellesmere Green, at the top of Spital Hill, tomorrow at 5pm.
And on Saturday an emergency national demonstration will take place in Sheffield in support of Naseh's right to stay in Britain.

Naseh arrived in Britain two years ago after fleeing Saddam Hussein's regime. He was refused asylum and he has been refusing food and medical attention since July 8.
The Home Office has remained firm on the issue, saying it would set a dangerous precedent to grant asylum to people on the basis of their harming themselves.
Officials say they will give him support - but that is conditional on his cooperation.
Ms Wood told the meeting, hosted by the Sheffield Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers: "I will do whatever it takes to try and help save Naseh; I will move heaven and earth for this young man.
"I will do everything that I can. Surely Mr Blunkett can help. I have written three letters in the last week to him, and to Mr Blair. But still they are leaving Naseh with no hope."
The audience of local residents, trade unionists and anti-racism campaigners, included representatives of the Kurdish Community Centre, the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns, the Iraqi Federation of Refugees, and the Sheffield-based Monitoring Group North.




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