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Sulaymaniah Night Screen Saver


Filename : sulaymaniah night.exe
Size : 0.48 MB
Download time : 4 min/ 33k modem.
Software: Freeware
Platform : Windows 95/98

Sulaymaniah Night Screen Saver - Freeware.
For windows 95/98/ME/2000 

Let Sulaymaniah night be alive on your desktop, with music.

Just copy the file to any folder, and run it..Then choose the Sulaymaniah Night as your screen saver. Uninstall the package, delete the file from windows/system folder.

System required.
Any Pentium system, at least 1 MB graphic card, 16 MB RAM. Sound card if you want to hear the sound. Works even on slower systems than Pentium.


To start download >> Click Here Size 0.4 MB
The screen saver is freeware but it need registration.
Just send us your name by
Email and we will send you a registration key for FREE.


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