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  French fighter jets strike Islamic State targets in Iraq
  Massoud Barzani urges world to protect Syrian Kurdish town from Islamic State
  Kurdistan appeals to US: To win on IS 'We need tanks, helicopters and artillery'
  Turkey opens border to Kurds from Syrian Kurdistan fleeing IS: PM - Update 1
  Kurdish PYD leader : Whoever is going to do something for Kobani must do it now
  Fierce clashes between YPG and IS continue in Syrian Kurdistan's Kobani -Update 1
  Turkish troops fire tear gas at Kurdish protesters near Syrian Kurdistan border
  Hundreds of Syrian Kurds fleeing Islamic State gather on Turkish border
  U.S. Senate vote for Obama on Syria rebel aid
  Conference on war, but not peace?
  Kurds issue call to arms as Islamic State gains in Syrian Kurdistan
  PKK leader accuses Turkey of supporting Islamic State militants: Interview
  Iraqi Kurdistan angry over Turkey's stance on Islamic State militants
  Canada to provide bomb-hunting robots to Iraqi Kurdistan fighting IS
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
  IS jihadists close in on Kurdish town in Syrian Kurdistan: NGO - update 2
  PKK calls on Turkish Kurds to fight Islamic State in Syrian Kurdistan
  Kurdish Peshmerga forces not ready to recapture Mosul: Iraqi minister
  US troops will have no combat mission in Iraq: President Obama
  Washington needs Iraqi Kurds to fight IS. But they have their own troubles
  U.S. should listen to the Jay Garners who back the Kurds
  Kurdistan sets time limit on power-sharing negotiations with Iraq
  Lessons start in Turkey's Kurdish schools
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
  Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
  Iraqi Kurdistan oil heads to Asia, in talks with China
  Five-point plan that will make ISIS weak
  US jets roar over Kurdish Peshmerga, ISIS terrorist battlefield
  Iraqi Kurds unhappy partners in Abadi's government
  Iraqi Kurdistan PM approves resignation of Christian Minister
  After repeated sexual rapes by IS four Kurdish Yazidi minors hospitalized in Mosul
  Australia sends first contingent of troops to Iraq and Kurdistan to fight IS
  Islamic State crimes against women need world action: Kurdistan official
  Kurdish Peshmerga forces retake Christian villages from Iraq jihadists
  Iraqi army asking Arab tribesmen to resist Kurdish Peshmerga in Jalawla
  US general says 'advisors' could join Iraqi fight
  Dozens of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps killed in Iranian Kurdistan
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
  Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
  Anti-Arab sentiment on rise in Iraqi Kurdistan: 'We will kill them as soon as...
  Off again on again, will the Kurds plan for another Referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan?
  Kurdistan fights Iraq's second bid to seize oil tanker off Texas
  IS jihadists using Iraqi Yazidi Kurds as human shields against U.S. airstrikes
  Iraqi Yazidi MP says 'The Peshmerga must tell the world why they fled'
  Turkey did not help when IS was at Erbil's gates: Senior Kurdistan official
  Europe's Kurds take up arms against Islamic State group
  Washington tries to persuade armed Sunni factions to fight Islamic State militants
  Kurds protest in Turkey: No solution without education in mother tongue
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
  Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
  Iraqi Kurds feel sidelined as US assembles anti-IS coalition
  Who is Killing Iran’s Elite Revolutionary Guards?
  Obama's IS strategy and new “inclusive” govt in Baghdad highlight make or break...
  Arab countries offer to conduct airstrikes against the IS
  Three schools in Turkey open Kurdish education for first time, despite... Update 2
  The Case Against a Unified Kurdistan
  Kurdish YPG forces advance against Islamic jihadists in Syrian Kurdistan
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
  Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
  Iraqi Yazidi Kurds arrive in Israel, ask for protection: Newspaper
  Shelling kills 19 in Syrian Kurdistan as Kurds battle IS jihadists: NGO
  Islamic State militants behead UK aid worker David Haines: video
  How ISIS earns $3M a day: Oil smuggling, theft, extortion
  Germany sending 40 soldiers to Iraqi Kurdistan


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The KRG should accept responsibility for the current calamity in Kurdistan
Dr. Hussein Tahiri.  The defeat of Kurdish forces at the hand of a terrorist group sent a shockwave through Kurdistan. It caused the exodus of tens of thousands of Kurdistanis, many deaths, countless rapes and pillages. This cannot be considered as an ordinary defeat or a tactical withdrawal. It has far reaching implications for the Kurds and their image in Kurdistan and beyond. First, the fact that the Peshmargas evacuated their positions in Shangal...
Why U.S. should support independence for Kurds
Sen. Conrad Burns (Ret.) In his first inaugural address, Ronald Reagan laid out his vision for re-establishing the United States as an "exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope for those who do not now have freedom." This was hardly a new concept in 1981, yet as President Reagan assumed the presidency, the notion that the United States could, and should, serve as a guiding light to help guide peoples and nations in their quest for freedom was...
Mosul, Tal Afar, Raqqa, Allepo, and then others must be Liberated from the fake foreign recruits - Part II Steve Tataii. US & Allies, must "consistently" continue to bomb the heck out of the parasites in Mosul, Tal Afar, Raqqa, Allepo, and then others in Suleiman Beg, Falluja, Tikrit, Ramadi. 10,000 Yezidi Kurds civilians are being held in captivity by ISIS in their recent Sinjar aggression alone. Mosul has already started. We must do this consistently before calling off what I named...
What is the connection between Al-Maliki and ISIS?
Rizgar Khoshnaw. Every since the fall of Mosel, a city of 1.5 Million, I have been thinking of how and why the city fail so fast and so easily. No one can refute the fact that the Iraqi military is very ineffective, corrupt, lazy and most importantly, has no desire to fight but still one must wonder why they fled so fast in huge numbers even before the arrival of ISIS to Mosel. Furthermore, the Iraqi army/government...
Kurds are fighting instead of International Community
Aram Duhoki. ISIS ‘s plan is not only a region or a country but it has much more in their mind and in their strategies that may includes many countries in the world, but the front line for now are Kurds from Syria and Iraq. thus Kurds and the international communities should be aware that what is Kurd do is not only combating for their survives but in a reality they are fighting in its place of many other countries...
Divide and conquer
Kaiwan Bahroz. Once he got credit for having stopped the civil war in Iraq, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki made his to sow discord between the various militias and religious groups in the country. Front-twitching to the Sunni Jihad group in northwest Iraq is spectacular, the word's original meaning - a bad revue with a terrorist on the poster. When he appears on stage, played the Shi'ite...
Massive helicopter rescue mission sorties of Yezidi Kurdish civilians stranded on Mount Sinjar...Part I Steve Tataii. Massive helicopter rescue mission sorties of Yezidi Kurdish civilians stranded on Mount Sinjar without any further delays. Thank you all, and please don't wait for others, coordinate with KRG now to save precious civilian lives under defensive movements of Peshmerga special forces, using the latest SMALL & HEAVY weapons arriving daily, hopefully along with US drones to...
The Obama Administration Is No Friend of Kurdistan
Dr. Sabah Salih. Pennsylvania. Last night, even as President Obama laid out a specific plan for America’s mission in Kurdistan—“targeted airstrikes to protect our American personnel, and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of Iraqi civilians”—it was glaringly clear he was only doing so reluctantly.  First, he insulted the people of Kurdistan by not even acknowledging the existence... 
A letter to President Obama about his failed Middle East policy and Kurdistan
By Dr. Kirmanj Gundi. After the invasion of Iraq and toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein, America “won the war” but could not “win the peace,” because America did have an adequate understanding of the historical hatred between Shi’as and Sunnis and the distrust between the Arabs and Kurds. America continued to push these entities to remain together without helping them develop a viable solution...
Gerald Honigman has just published a major book, "The Quest For Justice In The Middle East--The Arab-Israeli Conflict In Greater Perspective." It is the result of decades of professional work and academic study of the region. Jerry was denied a Ph.D. dissertation advisor because he demanded the same scrutiny of the so-called "Arab" world as Israel routinely receives in the classroom. He has never expected "pro-Israel" treatment--just fairness. While professors routinely call for the creation of a 22nd state for... To read more about the book & to purchase Click Here



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US: Conference on war, but not peace? Rizgar Khoshnaw.

Obama's IS strategy and new “inclusive” government in Baghdad highlight make or break time for Iraq Bashdar Ismaeel.

Baghdad to blame lack of Cooperation not Erbil — Hadi al-Ameri is an exemplification Omar Sindi, Washington.

Invitation to Safety Brings Hardship to Kurdish Population Rauf Naqishbendi.

Australian Kurdish community’s voice heard in Australian Federal Parliament Hiwa Zandi.

Not All Peshmerga Are the Same Michael Rubin.

Some notes on displaced Yazidi Kurds in Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan Necat Keskin.  

PM Haider al-Abadi most likely won’t be able to Appease Sunni Streets- Iraq Omar Sindi, Washington.

Why is the US against the export of Kurdish oil? Rizgar Khoshnaw.

A sufficient defensive power is a neglected Kurdish right Shakhawan Shorsh.

Kamal Mirawdeli to British Prime Minister: There is no crisis because it is our Isis

ISIS is a Threat to Humanity Omar Sindi, Washington.

Logical way to support Iraqi refugees Rizgar Khoshnaw.

Support The Kurdish Independence: Letter to President Obama Dana Berzinjy.

Yazidi (In Kurdish Ezadi) Relief Fund Press Release by Kurdish American.

Islamic State inciting Arab-Kurdish divide in Iraq Dr. Denise Natali.

Humanitarian Tragedy of Yazidis: The Challenges and Directions of International Relief Aid in Kurdistan Dr Amir Sharifi.

Duality of Arabs towards Kurdistan–Israel Oil Deal Kaziwa Salih.

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