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•   Should we stay or should we go?
•   Launch of the First Domestic and Gender based Violence Database in Kurdistan
•   UN to begin work in Syrian Kurdistan: Co-President of Rojava People’s Assembly
•   Veteran Kurdish politician to reconcile Iraqi Kurdistan and Syrian Kurdistan
•   Two suicide bomb attacks target Serêkaniyê in Syrian Kurdistan
•   The Armenian genocide, 99 years ago
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   23.April.2014
•   PKK: The Turkish-Kurdish peace process is reaching a dead end
•   Iraqi Kurdistan: Turkey isn't concerned from a Kurdish entity for these reasons
•   Black Diamond delays launch due to elections in Iraqi Kurdistan
•   Iraqi Kurdistan's contractual teachers about to lose hope over salary
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
•   22.April.2014
•   Mountain of impunity looms over Iraqi Kurdistan journalists: CPJ's special report
•   What if Turkey supported Syrian Kurds?
•   Turkey's Kurdish-singing brothers: We became an open target
•   Ancient Jewish wisdom of Kabbalah made available to Kurds
•   European Syriac Union: Democratic autonomy in Syrian Kurdistan has increased..
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
  Iranian Kurdistan News in brief
•   A second KDP headquarters in Slemani in Iraqi Kurdistan becomes under fire
•   Four Kurdish prisoners still in danger of execution in Iran
•   President of Qawalis of Yazidis in Iraqi Kurdistan and the world pass away
•   Interview with Syrian Kurdish Jabhat al-Akrad commander
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•    20.April.2014
•   Kurds protest in Europe against Iraqi Kurdistan-Syrian Kurdistan border ditch...
•   Iraqi Kurdistan: KDP confirms Slemani attack and talks about the details
  Kurdistan PM Barzani urges restraint as gunmen target KDP’s Slemani bureau
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   Iranian Kurdistan News in brief
•   19.April.2014
•   ISIS has been defeated in Syrian Kurdistan's Kobane - Part II: YPG Commander
•   Challenges Gorran Movement faces: Rule in Iraqi Kurdistan‌'s eighth cabinet
•   Parliamentary investigation request for Yazidi people in Turkey
•   Iraq's Anbar residents see Kurdistan-style autonomy as answer to their plight
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   Iranian Kurdistan News in brief
•   Rethinking Sectarianism
•   Protest camp founded on Syrian Kurdistan border with Iraqi Kurdistan as vigil ...
•   PUK excluded from agreement for new Kurdistan cabinet
•   Kurds seem more focused on Kurdistan provincial elections rather than general...
•   Iran executes Kurdish political prisoner
•   Kurdish politician returns to Turkey after 20 years in exile in Germany
•   ISIS has been defeated in Syrian Kurdistan's Kobane - Part I: YPG Commander
  Turkey: Diyarbakir's Dicle University launching int'l Kurdish academic journal
•   Heritage, Beauty, Culture, and Quality Promoted Through Middle Eastern...
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   17.April.2014
•   KDP and Change movement reach agreement on new Kurdistan government
•   Kurdology to include all dialects vocabulary shall become National Academia...
•   Wave of strike renewed in Iraqi Kurdistan for delayed salaries
•   Barzani‌'s KDP force Iraqi Kurdistan's Peshmerga to vote for KDP candidates
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
•   What Are We Doing In Baghdad?
•   Representatives of Syrian Kurdish PYD party visits European Parliament
•   Feasibility studies started for the return of Yazidi Kurds and Syriacs to Turkey
•   Faruk Medical City, new hospital in Slemani brings int'l standards to Iraqi Kurdistan
•   Thousands gather at Syrian Kurdistan border to protest against Kurdistan govt
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   Iranian Kurdistan News in brief
•   Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
•   Iraqi Kurdistan president Massoud Barzani sets condition to leave power
•   Kurdistan-Baghdad negotiations fail
•   London: Center for Global Studies expects a Kurdistan State in two years
•   New ministers join Iraqi Kurdistan cabinet, others to keep their posts
•   Syrian Kurdistan's economic model is a communal model: Afrin's president...
•   Barzani‌'s KDP uses governmental equipment for election campaign...
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
•   Barzani accuses Syrian Kurdish PYD of collaborating with Assad Regime
•   Kurdistan's Erbil Stock Exchange (ESX) Appoints its Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
•   Turkey's jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan nominated fro Nobel Peace Prize
•   Peshmerga ordered digging ditches on Syrian Kurdistan border: official
•   Kurdish protesters in Kirkuk's Dibis demand Peshmerga intervention
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Thought for Today, : "Life is one long process of getting tired." Samuel Butler, British author (1835-1902).

Today in History 1987: Saddam Hussein's warplanes bombed the picturesque Kurdish village of Beri Bahar in Kurdistan-Iraq.


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 Top Articles and Reports

A Letter to President Obama Regarding the Cantons of Kurdistan-Syrian and Turkish Negative Role Against the Kurds Dr. Kirmanj Gundi. In the wake of the colonial plan after World War I, the people of Kurdistan through the physical partition of their land were divided and became minorities in three alien cultures, namely, Arab, Persian and Turkish. The Kurdish culture and identity was subjected to a program of systemic obliteration. This systematic suppression of the Kurds was created by the...
America Must Recognize Kurdistan By Dr Sherkoh Abbas, Robert Sklaroff and Joseph Puder. Now that the Geneva "peace" convocation has predictably collapsed, so too has America's paradigm for Syria that—at various times—has favored Shiites (Alawite President al-Assad) and Sunnis (al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood). As the civil war rages on, America should instead support the newborn, self-ruling non-Islamist entity—Kurdistan—as a model for a coalition Syrian government. Kurds have...
To Forgive … Or Not To Forgive
Dr. Rashid Karadaghi.  “Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.” The late Mandella says,” Bitterness is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” It is said that when you forgive someone who has done you injustice, you are, indeed, doing yourself more good than the person(s) you forgive, in that you cleanse yourself of the bitterness...
No Government In Sight for Iraqi Kurdistan
Hiwa Osman. Those who voted six months ago to have a new government will have to wait a bit longer: All indications are that the new Kurdistan Regional Government will be formed after the Iraqi general elections. Apart from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), none of the political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan seem to be in a rush to assemble the next government. The back-and-forth of the ongoing talks...
Kurdish American Education Society-Los Angeles: 2714 Kurdish New Year Message Dr Amir Sharifi. The year we are leaving behind will be remembered for both its triumphs, trials and tribulations. Our people in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) are making steady progress towards establishing an emergent democracy and rediscovering their hope for freedom. In Lebanon, there is a cultural revival among Kurds. In Ahamed, the long and hard fought struggle for a just peace continues...
Last General Election Trivialized by Barzani and Talabani
Rauf Naqishbendi. Election is an indispensable pillar of democracy, for it’s a championship amongst political candidates for essential public posts. It’s not a contest of popularity but rather an inspired aim embodying justice, economic, social, and political direction in the life of a nation. It paves the way for incumbents to be granted another term should they be reelected, otherwise transferring...
Kurds should complain apropos of the arbitral divvy of Kurdistan to ICJ at Hague Omar Sindi, Washington. Kurds political Parties, Civil Society Organizations, and Academicians, Should take their case against both British and French governments into International Court of Justice (ICJ) in Hague Netherland, about the arbitral division of Kurdistan at the end of World War I; on the basis the division of their land showed a deliberate disregard the Kurds as nation of state; this kind of jumble...
Scholar: Fundamentalist fear westernization after Kurdish star Helly Luv-video
By Deniz Serinci. Helen Abdulla – known as 'Helly Luv' – released her debut video, Risk it All, on 3 February and has since received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. In addition, the 25-year-old, US- Kurdish singer also received death threats after the video, which was mostly filmed at the Erbil Citadel, where she was criticized for her lightly dressing. "[She's had] various death threats...
Halabja, 16 March 1988 chemical attack remembrance for ever
Steve Tataii. Poems written in memory of 16 March 1988, when the biggest chemical attack against Kurds in Halabja, ordered by Saddam, and carried out by Ali Hassan al-Majid, killing more than 5000 Kurdish citizens of Halabja on that day, while 10000, and counting, more died shortly after, and dying ever since, and while babies born with missing limbs, deformed, or dead have been widesp...
Gerald Honigman has just published a major book, "The Quest For Justice In The Middle East--The Arab-Israeli Conflict In Greater Perspective." It is the result of decades of professional work and academic study of the region. Jerry was denied a Ph.D. dissertation advisor because he demanded the same scrutiny of the so-called "Arab" world as Israel routinely receives in the classroom. He has never expected "pro-Israel" treatment--just fairness. While professors routinely call for the creation of a 22nd state for... To read more about the book & to purchase Click Here



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Rethinking Sectarianism Dr. Sabah Salih.

Kurdology to include all dialects vocabulary shall become National Academia Language; and Cognate “Ey Raqip” has become the Kurdish National Anthem. Omar Sindi.

Should we stay or should we go? Evin Cheikosman.

What Are We Doing In Baghdad? Dr. Rashid Karadaghi.

Mountain of impunity looms over Iraqi Kurdistan journalists: CPJ's special report by Namo Abdulla.

Our Village under the Smoke of Oil Fields Rebin Fatah, translated by Kamal Chomani.

What makes a Dictator? Translated by Sabahi Mala Awlla.

The Kurds in the spotlight: local and regional challenges Ana Villellas.

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